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26 10 2009


live pornSebenernya tulisan bunda kali ini mungkin akan semakin mempopulerkan tulisan si Miss ‘live porn’ Oey yang ada di situs The Jakarta Post. Tulisan diana menghebohkan dunia pernyusuan *halah eh perASIan 😉

Bunda pertama baca siy pas lagi asyik nge-tweet malem-malem waktu Lana udah bobo. Dapet link-nya dari mommika mamaRai, pas Bunda baca, hoek, rasanya pengen muntah 😯 Yes, I’m sure she’s sick. She is absolutely not a real woman with motherhood feeling inside, nor she’s not a mother 😦 Tapi yang pasti orang seperti Miss Oey mau nulis apa keq di Jakarta POst keq, di Herald Tribune or bahkan berbicara didepan DK PBB di New York tentang aliran ‘live porn’-nya dia, itu ga bakal menyurutkan semangat ibu-ibu, mamah-mamah, bunda-bunda, ummi-ummi buat terus menyusui, melakukan hal yang paling alamiah antara ibu dan bayi yang dilahirkannya, memberikan hak dasar anaknya, memberikan tetes-tetes berharga di awal kehidupan calon penerus bangsa *huuuu jadi terharu nulisnya 😥


Alhamdulillah AIMI sebagai wadah kumpulan busui-busui se Indonesia, langsung ngasi reaksi yang ga kalah smart dan mengajak pihak The Jakarta Post dan Miss ‘live porn’ untuk datang di kelas edukasi AIMI, supaya mata dan otak mereka yang buntu bisa terbuka, bahwa dunia pernyusuan yang tidak mereka anggap, adalah hal yang mulia bukan seperti mereka, yang setelah dewasapun tidak bisa memberikan kebaikan bahkan lewat informasi ke sekitar mereka! (Sumpah judes abis ya, abis kueseeellll, bodo 😡 )


Ini letter of dismay yang ditulis secara cerdas oleh Mia Sutanto, founder dan ketua AIMI, bravo AIMI & ASI 😀 Kalo tulisan si Miss ‘live porn’ mah ga usah ditulis disini dah, menodai blog gua ajah, kalo baca juga dijamin pada jadi buete 😡


Dear Jakarta Post

Live Porn Aboard an Economy Train? (article published October 23, 2009)

Horrendously dismayed and disappointed.To the editors of the most
prestigious English language newspaper in Indonesia, it is too
shocking beyond words how such an insulting and uneducated article
could be published for all and sundry to read, nary a glimpse of your
usually stringent and high standards? It reads like a cheap read light
tabloid trash.
We, the Indonesian Breastfeeding Mothers’ Association (Asosiasi Ibu
Menyusui Indonesia – AIMI), have always striven to educate the public
on the many and undisputed benefits of breastfeeding our children, and
support mothers in their decision to do so. Luckily, media response to
our various endeavors including from yours truly has always been
positive, and as a result more and more people in Indonesia are
becoming more aware that when it comes to infant feeding, there is
actually no substitute for breastmilk.

Even so, did you know that according to the Department of Health,
statistics have actually shown that less and less women are
breastfeeding their infants, and that babies bottled fed with cow’s
milk are on the rise? With irresponsible journalism such as this, how
can that not be true?.Optimistically speaking, upon reading this
article, we initially hoped that the author was actually trying to
highlight the fact that society has forgotten what one of the most
natural, loving and nurturing acts in the world looks
like…breastfeeding. Trying to read between the lines, we anxiously
crossed our fingers and eagerly scrutinized the words in order to see
whether there is a hidden message addressed to the Indonesian
Government; …please, provide more nursing areas in public spaces
for lactating mothers.

After reading the article several times back and forth, we asked
ourselves whether the author in her own sarcastic, unfunny kind of way
is trying to blame the male species for having sex and porn on their
brains all the time? Is she some kind of altruistic feminist trying
to, in her own acerbic way, defend us breastfeeding mothers in our
pursuit of happiness (read: giving breastmilk)? Sorry, turns out there
was no hidden agenda. The article reads exactly how it is, an ode to
society’s warped idea of breastfeeding, written by someone who
unfortunately was clueless about this special relationship between a
mother and her child.I couldn’t ignore the temptation of watching
them… she said. People are such voyeurs, there’s no denying that,
it’s human nature. However, being human means you have a choice, so
why not choose to look the other way if seeing a breastfeeding woman
in public is just not your cup of tea. As a woman, I felt
embarrassed. the author went on to explain. My dear ms. Oey, as an
organization dedicated to empowering women on their decision to
breastfeed their babies, we too experienced acute embarrassment when
reading that line. We were embarrassed at your lack of compassion,
what was your embarrassment about? Were you embarrassed for the
mother, or because of the mother? Did the embarrassment stem from
empathy because those men (with sex constantly on the brain) chose not
to look away and afford her some privacy but instead continued to ogle
the mother with their lascivious looks, or were you embarrassed
because the breastfeeding mother decided to expose her breasts in
public and thereby rendering herself, you and all women-kind as sex

Next, you went on to rant about how the baby was exploiting his/her
mother’s privacy just in order to satisfy his/her hunger or thirst. My
my ms. Oey, apparently you have such vast and extensive knowledge
about babies, breastfeeding and child-rearing. According to you, those
babies on the train who have yet to grasp the concept of right and
wrong, are so manipulative that they are willing to exploit their own
mothers in order to justify their selfish needs. I deeply pity you,
for it is truly very sad indeed when you don’t recognize that
…little babies have such great power to control their mothers and
get what they want… is actually, in the world of parenting, called
mother’s love.

It is with a heavy heart that we send this letter, for it seems that
breastfeeding mothers in Indonesia still have a very long way to go.
We have mountains of ignorance to climb, valleys of apathy to cross
and rivers of judgment to swim. Yes, we live in an imperfect world,
because in an ideal world what would have happened on the train is
this: the baby cries, the mother sensing her child’s distress decides
to give comfort (yes ms. Oey, breastfeeding is more than just
breastmilk), and you, recognizing that the mother is about to offer
her breast to her baby, kindly asks the men to turn and look away and
maybe use your body in order to shield the woman’s modesty.

The day when Indonesia deems breastfeeding in public as abnormal, when
people say it is porn and file it into the same category as playboy
magazines, sex toys, strip clubs, sex clubs, sex videos, it will be a
day of mourning for all children of Indonesia. Please people, if you
have your own hang-ups about seeing breasts other than in a sexual
context, don’t take it out on the innocent babies. Deal with it.

We end this letter with a quote from a very famous man, and we hope
that it will shed light on the ignorant, bring compassion to the
uninterested and foster understanding on those who would judge.. It
begins at birth. Our very first act after birth is to suck our
mother’s…milk. This is an act of affection, an act of compassion.
Without that act, we cannot survive. That’s clear…that’s the way of
life. That’s reality. (Dalai Lama and Howard C. Cutler, The Art of
Happiness, a Handbook for Living; 1998)


Mia Sutanto, SH, LLM, Lactation Counselor
Indonesian Breastfeeding Mothers’ Association
Chairwoman Breastfeeding Mother

PS: we cordially invite Jakarta Post and ms. Oey to attend one of our
educational classes on breastfeeding in order to gain knowledge and
better understand the truly wonderful world of breastfeeding.

AIMI adalah organisasi nirlaba yang berbasis kelompok sesama ibu
menyusui dengan tujuan untuk meningkatkan pengetahuan, informasi
tentang ASI & prosentase ibu menyusui di Indonesia.




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